Gigi Glendinning

about gigi…

Gigi Glendinning has been documenting captive animal suffering for over 15 years. Her photographs & videos are used to enhance humane education programs, promote animal rights campaigns & serve as evidence in support of animal protection laws.

Gigi’s work grew from a variety of experiences and concerns for captive animals however, it was the 22 rabbits she rescued from a backyard breeder that led her to concentrate on educating others. In 2014, she helped care for rescued circus animals (35 big cats, 15 monkeys, and 1 bear) & saw first-hand the physical & mental harm caused by traveling circuses. She is dedicated to ending the use of animals in entertainment.

She has been fortunate to see wild animals in Australia, Africa, South America, & Indonesia; giving her an understanding of their natural lives & just how wrongfully deprived they are in captivity.